Love Online

Love Online

Love is one of the most overused terms these days. With the advancement of technology, the reach of that word: ‘love’ has really broken the boundaries of distance.

The greatest gift we can find in life. And possibly the most misunderstood concept, is love.

Social Networking sites have really increased the adrenaline of love seekers on the internet. One of the most prominent phenomenons on the internet is folk searching for true love. Conversation start with just a ‘hi’ and in few days one see the proposals being thrown and accepted. And the one thing which makes the whole process more amusing and amazing is the fact the persons who are about to fall in love with each other and commit into a relationship are strangers. They don’t know each other, have never met, have never listened to each others voice either and talking of being with each other for life. The social networking sites have large no. of fake accounts where the details shown by the person are wrong. It is hard to decipher the legitimacy of such accounts and which makes the process of love finding more vulnerable. People try to project themselves as the coolest dudes or babes of town. They flaunt their pictures. The no. of friend one has on facebook has become the status symbol among the users fraternity.

There’s a school of thought which believes that this medium has paved the way to lot of successful relationships. This very fact that people don’t know each other removes any preconceived notions held by the people in talk. They start the process with a clean slate approach. The studies have also revealed that the people who don’t know each other and talking on such a platform where they can’t see each other as well tend to be more comfortable and truthfull in talks while expressing themselves. They speak thir heartout and share their emotions well as compared to the people who are known and are talking within each other’s physical presence.

Also it is the law of psychology that people of same interest tend to intermingle with each other well. In case of internet, the heart broken folk share a sympathetic and empathetic attitude towards each other over such conversations.

One of the girl who has successfully exploited the online resource of love finding ,X says, I was very upset those days after I broke up with my boy friend. I was disheartened and was feeling thrashed. I didn’t have anyone to share my feelings with and ease out a little bit. I was trying hard to obliterate the memories of my ex boyfirend from my mind, but all my efforts seemed to have gone in vain. It was that time when I met ‘Y’ on facebook. He had sent me the friend’s request and I accepted that without even giving it a second thought. It was the first time when we were chatting when I without any reluctance spoke my heart out. I didn’t know him but I couldn’t resist myself may be because he was listening to me pateintly. To my amazement he kept on talking to me, kept consoling me, empathising with me. After that chat I kind of felt relieved. Later on I came to know that he was also gong through the similar phase in his life. This very fact brought us closer. I started liking him and within few days I was in love with him. After 10 days he proposed to me I instantly accepted his proposal. After a week we met for the first time and found him even a better person than I had thought of him. And with the God’s grace it has been 3 years since then and we are very happy and leading a blissful life.”

The stories like these compell us to believe that these kind of relations are feasible and sustainaible as well.

But this is the one part of the coin. Nothing in this world is perfect, so as this medium of love. We have also encountered some case in past where the girls have fell prey to some fake pretended guys. They have been assualted by their so called online boyfirends. So there is a fine line between what is right and what is wrong in such cases. It becomes a bit trickey to listen to your heart’s call or pay heeds your mind’s warning before commiting yourself into any such relation.

Nevertheless, a love is love whether its online or offline and a true love is very hard to find, so catch upon the opportunity of finding the right partner. But be carefull and cautious in that pursuit.

“There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.”  Keep Loving!!!