I am a music freak, love listening to music, in fact it is something which keeps me engaged most of the times. While travelling or while lying free, I don’t miss the opportunity to pluck in, my earphones.. When I am happy and elated, or when feeling down there is a song for every feeling of mine. Music is something which clearly reflects my mood.

I was listening to some songs the other day and was amazed to see the deteriorating quality of the lyrics.

It is the era of Munni getting badnaam, Sheela getting Jawan, chameli becoming chikni day by day. Today we see oh la la oh lala, dhinka chika taking the place of some of the best poetry of earlier times. Those were the days when songs were not just about making noise but meant a lot. It was like delicacies containing many ingredients like lyrics, rhythm, and melody. The whole composition used to be the amalgamation of these components. It conveyed mood and state of mind of the person.

Songs used to portray the situation of the movie. Sometimes it would depict the heartbroken lover, social satire, exuberant person. All the feelings used to be so beautifully woven that the listener would naturally feel associated with the songs.

In older times we had music directors like Naushad sahab, Ravi, S D Burma, Hemant Kumar to name a few, they produced the mellifluous music which have the indelible mark on our minds. Also, the lyrics of those songs were meaningful and related to the context. But nowadays, message conveyed through the songs is really done away with and songs really don't have any relation with the context and are forcibly put into the movie just for the sake of songs being their in the movies. The depth in Bollywood songs is decreasing day by day.

Though change is inevitable but it should be for the betterment not for making things worse. Today the objective of the producers and music composers has changed and is more directed towards

curbing the materialistic aspirations. Today the songs are added to include the glamour quotient of the movie rather than depicting the situation of the movie. These sorts of songs are called item songs which are added to enhance the visibility of the movie. They are like an average product wrapped in a beautiful paper to allure the customers. Women are treated as a means of entertainment hence leads to their commodification in such songs. Recently we have seen some organizations protesting against the songs which hamper the character of a woman.