Mini: Have you made her your girl friend?

Me: who??

Mini: the girl you showed me last time.

Me: “No, there is only one girl that I love."

And she turned her face over her left shoulder to match her eye balls with mine which were leveled at least a foot above hers and awarded me a jubilant smile which my heart comprehended into an approval of my tacit proposal. There was some abberration this time from the manner she used to smile at my trying—to—be-funny jokes and towards boys so as to lure them to maintain their attention on her and thus raise her fame quotient with respect to other girls.

This smile on the other hand looked honest; it carried the message which, I don’t know how, my eyes deciphered in no time. God must’ve known the truth, but what my consciousness felt as truth at that time was beyond any doubt. The smile lasted for few seconds but those seconds apparently passed in several minutes. She continued to walk beside me and remained quiet, she was rarely outspoken but she always had

something to add to stir up the conversation when situation became unusually quiet because of something critical that had surfaced out of a useless crap, making the commentators argue to themselves before choosing the next word or at all to say it. I was, of course, quite too, still soaking the picture of the most convincing smile from some unrelated to me as if licking the remains of beer from the bottle which was unwillingly emptied in one shot. But i had to respond to the hesitant girl so i too showed her my yellow teeth as i did not have anything better to offer in return. As usual she spoke up before it could freeze between us. I went along with the conversation but did not participate in it. However agreeing she might be looking at the time of eluding her cheerfulness through her smile but she did not say that, in fact she didn't say anything in this regard. I was confident about the honesty of that smile but not about the message or, say, her acceptance of my unspoken proposal. She might have delivered her best smile in good humor, she might well have perceived my humble revelation as my attempt to flirt with her and glowed in blush. Whatever occurred to me could just be a biased conclusion of my vague contemplation. After all she never ever had said anything on the basis of which I could establish that she liked me. As I said earlier God knows the truth. I on my part, to this day, believe that the honesty, the purity, the strangeness,

the freshness of that smile could not be questioned. The nuances that my eyes involuntarily picked up in the way she raised her face up only to surrender, the pleading hue of those stubborn eyes, deliberate looseness rendered to those petal like lips, the visible attempt of controlling the stretching out of cheeks within the limits of feminine shame, somewhat unsynchronized facial expression will remain conserved in my memories, no matter what the matter was with that mysterious smile.